Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Bells!

Yesterday, my best friend, Laura's, mom was getting married in Cisco, TX. I drove out in the early afternoon, to hang out with Laura and see if I could help out with anything! It was a really pretty wedding, outdoors and small, quaint! All arouond it was a great time had by all!

The ladies arriving in the carriage

My beautiful friend Laura

Laura and Laura...Thing 1 and Thing 2...I love this girl!!!!

Laura and her boyfriend Landon

Me, Laura, and Landon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~Fun Day with Chuck E~

Saturday afternoon, Kolby and I went to our neighbors' son Parker's birthday party at Check E. Cheese's in Grapevine. He was so happy that we had gotten him the Pokemon cards he wanted.

A good game of Street Hoops...Kolby won the best of 2 out of 3. Sorry Chad, we ran out before the rematch!

Such intensity, you would have thought they were real cops fighting real bad guys! haha, they never grow out of it!

The Birthday Boy!
Parker informed Kolby that he wanted Pokemon cards, he seems excited that we delivered.

That time of the month!

It was our favorite Saturday of the month this Saturday!!! It was our bulldog playdate with our meetup group! I took Moe downtown, Kolby had worked the night before, so I left him and IDK catching up on their sleep. haha!
Moe Moe had to get the stick usual!

Kenny, Izzy, and Bullet
Kenny dug all the ice out of the bucket and layed in it, it was too funny!
Moe Moe playing with her new friends!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three loves of my life!

Here is a fun video from a few weekends ago with Brayden!!!! He thought that this was one of the best things he'd ever done!!! It was quite cute!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mark's Birthday Bash!

We went to Bowie yesterday to celebrate our buddy Mark's 38th Birthday. He's getting so old!!! haha just kidding, you know we love you Mark! It was a great time, we hung out in the backyard, the guys tossed horseshoes, ate some good food and of had CAKE!!!!!

Here's Mark with his family blowing our his candles.

The brother's from another mother!
Kolby wrote a song for Mark for his birthday...hilarious! (Check out Mark & Amy's blog for video of the song)
Mark displaying his favorite gift of the evening!
P.S. - Sorry Amy, somehow, I didn't get a single picture of you or me from last night!!! I don't know how that happened!

~Just a Side Note~

Just a side note to say that there are still nice people out there in this world!!! I know I have days when I'm sure that they are all gone...but Friday, Kolby and I found out differently.

As some of you know, Kolby and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago on August 26. We were married in Utopia, TX on August 26, 2006 at a beautiful ceremony on Sabinal River. (The pic is not the best quality since it was not a direct upload, but it's the only one I have on this computer...)

This year our anniversary fell on a Wednesday, so originally we had planned to celebrate the weekend before or after. However, our plans changed and needless to say those plans got tossed out the window. So, this past Friday, we decided to go out to eat in celebration of our anniversary. Kolby wanted to go to Red Lobster since he'd been seeing all the comercials for their Endless Shrimp Platter. We all know Kolby loves his seafood!! I on the other hand am not the biggest fan of seafood, but I was supportive...*wink* I got some fabulous cajun chicken alfredo that was delicious!

But backtrack, just one sec...when we arrived at Red Lobster, we had a 30-45 minute wait to look forward to. So we went to the bar area so that Kolby could get a drink. The bar was full, so there was no seats available there either. There was a man sitting at a table by himself right next the bar, so Kolby asked him if he could use his table for a writing surface to sign our receipt. He then invited us to sit with him while we waited to be seated. We sat with him and chatted about this and that, and the guys were talking about different beers, and things way beyond my knowledge...haha. We bought him a beer to thank him for letting us crash his dinner, and we went to be seated at our table. When he left, he came over to our table and said goodbye and it was nice to share his dinner with us. We said the same and went to eating our dinner.

As we finished our dinner, our waiter came and said that he had "some good news and some bad news, which do you want first?" We chose the good news obviously! He said "that nice gentleman you were sitting with at the bar paid for your entire dinner tab, the bad news is that he didn't give the tip!" We couldn't believe it!!!! He paid for our entire ticket, food and drinks! He was the sweetest man! We don't even know his name, and we don't think he knew ours, but he did the nicest thing! Today we still can't believe that he did that!!!

So as the title of this post says, Just a little side note to say that there are still nice, selfless people out there! So to that man I'm sending out a big THANK YOU!!! You made our day!!!!