Saturday, July 30, 2011

~8 Months Old~

Here we are again!!! Another month has just flown by, and as with the others before, Mr. Beau has been sure to keep me on my toes, and keep me busy!! I love it! He is a "monster" boy, and he is definitely all boy!!! He is into everything and just a total little explorer. Every month the pictures get harder and harder to take as he just does not sit still anymore these days.

Poor little man was already done taking pictures!

  • Weight: 18lb 3oz
  • Height: 28.5 in
  • Wearing size 2 diapers
  • You can now clap your hands!
  • You are starting to make consonant noises; you say "mama" all the time! We are working on saying "dada"
  • You went to the splash park for the first time this month!
  • You celebrated your first 4th of July and watched fireworks with Mom and Dad
  • You are really starting to crawl upright and you are FAST!!
  • You get into just about everything and we have really had to start babyproofing!
  • You are always such a happy baby, and you love to smile and play shy when people pay you attention!
  • You went to your great grandma's 80th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Grandma!
  • You got to meet more new people; Aunt Jane and Uncle Les and Auntie Somers
  • You love your puppy dogs!
  • You got 2 teeth this month!! I could feel your first tooth for the first time on 7/5/11.  The second one came in on 7/20/11.  They are the cutest teeth ever!!!
  • You are a rockstar at eating! You LOVE cheerios!! You grab them two handfuls at a time and just shove them into your mouth as fast as you can!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pics & pulling up!

Just some recent pics that I've taken around the casa that I thought I'd share with yall since Bubba is looking too cute!! I just love this kid!

 And drumroll baby boy is officially pulling up on anything and everything he is able to pull up on!!!! He's growing way tooooo fast!!!

 The other day I found Beau sleeping like this...looks like a little grown up!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lowering the bed down...

Well, it finally happened!  We caught Beau standing up in his bed!  He's pulling up now, so today we made the move to lower his bed to the lowest setting.  We don't need any babies falling out on their heads now do we?!?!  Where did my little baby go...I feel like he's turning into a big boy!

And just because he's too cute not to post!!!

July 4th & sitting up all on his own!!!

Here are the pictures from our 4th of July party! Our subdivision put on their own fireworks show, so we were able to watch the show from our balcony!!

Hanging out with Aunt Laura
Sitting up all on his own now!!! 

 Me and my bestie!
 My men watching the fireworks show!

 We got to spend the evening with our "girlfriend" Z! Obviously Beau was thrilled!