Monday, January 31, 2011

2 Months Old...Already

Again, I can't believe that my little boy is annother month older! I am really loving this age! He's starting to talk to us and really giving us the cutest expressions. We are always getting smiles and coo's out of him. Our best talk time is during diaper changes!

Now to his Stats:

Weight: 12lb 4.6oz 75%
Length: 23.8 inches 75%
Head Circumference: 16.8 inches 90% (still!)

We had to get one oral vaccine and two shots. This time he screamed from the shots,and broke Mommy's heart! He slept about 3 hours straight after our appointment, and then after that long nap, he was really fussy. I don't think he felt very good. Thanksfully, it only lasted for the evening, and the next morning he woke up smiling and talking up a storm!

What we've been up to:
  • Wearing size 1 diapers
  • Can still wear some of his newborn clothes (mostly bottoms) and all of his 0-3 month clothes
  • Smiling at us and in response to our silly talking
  • Can make ooo'ing and ahh'ing noises, and we can kind of carry on little conversations!
  • Still has the prettiest bright blue eyes
  • He is a rockstar eater! He eats for about 15-20 min and usually gets drowsy by the end of his meal.
  • When eating Beau likes to hold onto my finger or grab onto my shirt collar
  • Laughs more at Daddy than at Mommy (but Dad's goofy like that!)
  • We are still doing our exercises to work on the torticollis, and Beau absolutely hates the exercises!
  • We are trying to work on sleeping in our crib for naps, but it's definitely a slow process
  • Still sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed at night, most nights he sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches
At the pedi's office

My big boy at 2 months old

With Mr. Elephant

"what are you doing Mom?"

Look how long he looks!

Mommy and me on my birthday

And now for the outtakes!!!
Big smile!

Lovin' on Mr. Elephant

Trying to eat the sticker on my shirt

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lots of love!

Beau has been getting lots of love lately!!

Last Sunday we had a neighborhood potluck lunch, and Beau's girlfriend was in attendance! Our neighbor's little girl is 4 months and 1 day older than Beau, so me and her mom already have their wedding arranged!! Haha!!

Beau and "Z"
Me and Beau Beau
Beau with Uncle Keifer
Daddy and Beau
This weekend I babysat "Z" for a couple of hours so Beau got to spend some more quality time with his little lady!

Beau and "Z" holding hands! So stinkin' cute!!!
But it didn't last long, she wanted to be more "friendly" than just holding hands!
Getting some lovin' from Moe Moe
All of our babies!
(Dont' worry I stayed right by them so Moe couldn't lay on his chest!)
Beau turns 2 months old today! A birthday post coming soon!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend with my family!

This past weekend my family came to see us. My brother and sister-in-law haven't gotten to meet Beau yet since we haven't made it to Utopia since he was born. So my brother was finally able to get a day off of work, so they came to spend the weekend with us. We had a good time, we took the kids to Cabellas to look at the "fake" animals and to the Dallas World Aquarium to look at the "real" animals! Otherwise, we were pretty lazy and just hung out at the house! Enjoy the pictures!

Daddy with all of his babies
Nana and Brayden naming all the animals
Nana and Alexis
Me and Alexis taking a break from all the walking
Doing some target practice
Beau rockin' his Daddy's hat
Beau with Aunt Ashley
On to the Dallas World Aquarium!
The tamarin monkeys...I think :)
Sea urchins
Nemo was hiding! LOL
Beau looking at all the fishies!
My baby boy and me
James, Ashley, and the kiddos in the shark tunnel during feeding time
A giant sea turtle
Nana and Beau
(please ignore the spit up, we noticed it right after we took this picture!)
The penguins!!! They are so cute!
My mom wanted a picture with all of her grandchildren...needless to say, it didn't go well! This is the best shot we got...sad right?! I'm glad to say that at least one child cooperated!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and that...

I've been slacking on the blogging this month...and to be honest, I don't know if I'll ever get any better at it! I have all these ideas in my head that I think I will blog about, and none of them ever get done...story of my life! So I thought I'd just be lazy and show what we've been up to with a picture post, since I know that's what yall are wanting to see anyways, pictures of the little man! So here's what we've been up to...

Of course, tummy time!
A boy and his dog
Lots of snoozing!
Quality time with Mommy (looking through my pictures, I can already see that I will be the mom who's always behind the camera and in none of the pictures, so I'm forced to take our self portraits so that I can some pictures of my baby and me! Plus, I may have had nothing better to do at this time! :))
Beau got to meet one of my best friends from high school, Kristi, who has now moved close to us to go to school!
More sleeping!
And always we can't forget about the girlies of our household! Our sweet baby
girls! I got a shoulder sling...we still aren't too sure about it...
Beau poking his head out to say hello!
I am loving this stage! Beau is definitely discovering how to work his facial muscles! We get so many funny expressions from his these days, he's always making us smile! These next pictures were all in one sitting and these are just a few of my favorites!

Lots of quality time with Daddy!
We got to meet Miss Caroline, we went over to her and Matt's house for supper.
I had my 6 week post partum appointment with my OB and she got to meet Mr. Beau!
Beau with Dr. Kindrick! She is so awesome, I just love her!
Chilling in my crib, sticking my tongue out at Mom and Dad
Just looking too cute for words
Riding Moe Moe!