Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post dr appt celebration

We had Beau's 3 yr check up (only 2months late), and it was interesting, haha. He didn't want to go from the moment we told him about it. Even when we tried to tell him that there wasn't going to be anything that hurt him at all, just measuring and looking in his ears and mouth. He wasn't having it!! He fought to stand on the scale, I had to hold him and then weigh me by myself. He weighed in at 31lbs and 39 inches y'all. Healthy boy!! He did great on his eye exam and told the nurse every picture that she showed him. He wasn't into the dr at all, he refused to let her look in his mouth or ears! We had to fight with him to do anything for her. 

After his appointment we went on into San Antonio and took beau to a fun pizza place, kinda like mr. Gattis. He had so much fun! We got to watch Up! While we ate our lunch, and then we got to hit up the games. So much fun with just our little family!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A whole lotta nothing update!

Since I last wrote, things haven't really changed much. Kolby is still working out of town, and they can't seem to get his schedule straightened out, which is very frustrating. So we just find ways to pass the time while daddy's gone to work and wait for our week that we get to spend with him! Here are a few pics from along the way!

We got some pretty good rain finally a while back, so we got to break out the rain boots! He had so much fun!

We also have enjoyed spending lots of time with cousins!!

And we take lots of pictures to send to daddy while he's gone!

My sister in law and I have also been doing some cake decorating! We are working on a little side business, this month we have 5 cakes! Here is our first wedding cake we've done together.
And one more cute one, my little bed head!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh hello there...

Well, let's see where are we now??? Well that story would just be too long to write...I tell you what! Since I wrote last, Kolby has changed jobs...and you guessed it, we moved again!!  On Good Friday back in March, Kolby (along with every other guy at the company besides one!) was laid off.  We were given one day of notice, nice right?! Thankfully, Kolby was able to find another job right away.  He worked there for a few months before we were presented with the opportunity for him to interview with a larger more established company in South Texas that would be closer to our families. 

We went to the beach with some friends back in July, and we had such a blast!! Beau loved the beach and was absolutely fearless inthe pool. Looks like we need swim lessons in the near future!

My best packing helper!!! Notice his "help" in the background lol!!
My big boy eating out at Olive Garden to celebrate his great grandmas birthday. 
Our last day of fun with our cousins before the big move :-(
We went to visit daddy at the camp where he stays when he's working. They even have a little pond where we could go feed ducks!

Looking all grown up and handsome. Melt me!
Some of our new fun activities now that we live in the country are feeding cows and chickens and gathering the eggs. 

Fun weekend!

This past weekend we met kolbys dad in San Antonio for some fun! We went to sea world and spent two nights in an old hotel downtown. We stayed at the St. Anthony hotel, which is supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio. Spooky! But I am happy to report that the ghosts weren't interested in us! Now all these photos are from my phone, unfortunately I have not had the time or ability to get the rest of my pictures off of my camera. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

29 months

Today my baby boy is 29 months old! How did that happen?! He has turned into such a beautiful, smart, ENERGETIC, loving, CRAZY little man! There are days that he gets me so frustrated, but then I remember he's only 2 and he really is still a baby.

He is so deep into the exploration phase of toddlerhood, and he asks so many questions on a daily basis :-). That's why he's so smart, he is always asking questions! His favorite question being "what ya doin' mommy??" About a million times a day! We are also knew deep in discipline issues...ugh! We are quickly learning about time outs and swats. His worst thing is messing with the dogs, he is just relentless with them, he will not leave them alone! We end up just having to put them up for their own sanity.

He is still loving gymnastics that we go to once a week. Next month he will have his end of year "mini Olympics" performance! He has gotten so good about going down into the gym by himself without mommy or daddy , and he just loves mrs. Jackie!

He's starting to tell us that some stuff is scary, such as lawn mowers/weed eaters, but he doesn't seem to bothered by it, as he just keeps right on playing in the yard when he hears them.

Really he is a pretty good boy, and we are really working on listening better to what mommy and daddy ask him to do/not do. We are looking forward to the warm weather and lots of fun outside activities now that he's a big boy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time heals

11 years ago today my life changed forever. I'd like to say that it was for the better and that I'll never forget that day. But it wasn't for the better, and sadly that day is engrained in my mind forever.

April 2, 2002, I lost two of my friends in a single car accident my freshman year of high school. The two survivors of the accident were my best friend and her brother. My mom, brother, and I were about the third or fourth car on the scene of the accident. I remember being so scared and sick because I knew what had happened. No one had to tell me. I didn't get sat down and told the horrible news that my friends had been killed, I saw it with my own two eyes. And it hurt. It hurts just as badly today. Those were my friends, it just as easily could have been me and my brother in the car with them. To see my best friends like that changed my life.

I learned that day that life is not forever. That no matter how long you think you have, you really don't know. I spent the day with them at school that morning and then we all went to the orthodontist together, them in their car and us with my mom, normal day. And then they were gone, just like that. I learned that the memories left behind are there to cherish. The one thing I will always remember about my friend is how she always had a smile on her face and how much she loved to make people laugh! That was what she loved to do!

I think about that day all the time, but especially today. I see their siblings, who were just kids when the accident happened, having their own kids and going to college. It really strikes just how long they have been gone, and how much I miss them. Love the ones you have, you never know when their time is done and they are called home. <3

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Toddler antics

As of late, my darling child has decided that he needs to try flexing his independent spirit. And it is driving this momma crazy! I want to say that the vast majority of the time he is a pretty good little boy. He listens and is polite with his please and thank you's, he gives hugs and kisses now more than he used to. But every now and again, he thinks all that good stuff is no fun. Truth be told, he's already too smart for his own good! ;-)

This morning we had a standoff at breakfast. I made some cream of wheat (which he has had several times before, and liked) and he refused to eat it telling me he didn't like it, while he also refused to even take a bite and give it a try. So needless to say, that turned into a tantrum. So his choice was cream of wheat or nothing...he chose nothing and went til lunch on half a piece of snacks, no trash food. Needless to say, by lunch he was starving and ate three big pieces of pizza. It's true what they say that they'll eat when they're hungry I guess.

This stubborn mama is not cut out for a stubborn toddler flexing his muscles! It drives me crazy! Lol! But I really think I'm just paying for my raising, I was and still am extremely stubborn and want to do things on my own and my own way :-)

Here he is NOT eating his cream of wheat this morning :-)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Add more to the plate

So since I have posted in a while (AGAIN!!) I thought I would give a little update on life. Not too much has changed. Kolby's job still hasn't taken off, therefore we are still doing lots of waiting! Supposedly they are getting close, but we've heard that before!

We are still doing gymnastics and Beau is doing so good at it! I think he thoroughly enjoys going. He gave his teacher, mrs. Jackie, a hug the other day, melt me! It was so cute! He has been talking up a storm lately, and he speaks in sentences majority of the time. He loves to play chase and be tickled. Oh and his new thing is hiding and you trying to find him. Thankfully as of now we just do it at home, but I'm sure the day is coming that hides from me in a public place/store and I have a panic attack!!

As for me, I have made the jump! I got a part time job! I am working about 15hrs a week at a bakery as a baking assistant/cake decorator. Its just enough time away to get some adult interaction (and a little extra cash is always nice too) and fill my social needs. I am a very social person, and since I haven't found a new playgroup since we have moved, this allows me to get that fix :-). Its so much fun and I am just loving it. I work with a couple other girls my age, and so we've really hit it off and seem to get along really well. I have been there about a month and a half now and it's still pretty fun. We only do sweets, cupcakes, cake balls, and custom cakes. I am learning a lot of new tricks about decorating and can't wait to learn some more.

Here's some pictures from life here lately:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family reunion weekend

This past weekend we had our family reunion for part of my husbands side of the family. We went and stayed with my parents and drive over about 30 min to the reunion/late Christmas get together. We had a great weekend with all of our cousins. Beau had so much fun playing and trying to keep up with all the older kids! We were at a gorgeous house with a pool on the tip top of a hill! Gorgeous view! We went on nature walks, played in the sand volleyball court, and ate lots of yummy food! The last picture speaks for itself as to how we all felt by the end of our weekend...worn out!! But lots of fun was had!

Oh, and I got to love on my sweet tiny nephew! He was soooo little! He was born the beginning of January at 33 weeks and weighed in at 3lb 15 oz. He had a little stay in the NICU but he is so strong and he is home and doing great! So happy I got to see and hold him!