Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family reunion weekend

This past weekend we had our family reunion for part of my husbands side of the family. We went and stayed with my parents and drive over about 30 min to the reunion/late Christmas get together. We had a great weekend with all of our cousins. Beau had so much fun playing and trying to keep up with all the older kids! We were at a gorgeous house with a pool on the tip top of a hill! Gorgeous view! We went on nature walks, played in the sand volleyball court, and ate lots of yummy food! The last picture speaks for itself as to how we all felt by the end of our weekend...worn out!! But lots of fun was had!

Oh, and I got to love on my sweet tiny nephew! He was soooo little! He was born the beginning of January at 33 weeks and weighed in at 3lb 15 oz. He had a little stay in the NICU but he is so strong and he is home and doing great! So happy I got to see and hold him!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Disc golf fun!

So we have been playing lots of disc golf lately because the weather has been absolutely beautiful here! Beau loves to tag along and run at the park. Yesterday was no exception, the weather was great so we headed to the park. There were lots of people out and lots of puppies with them, Beau had fun seeing all the dogs too! Kolby got his disc stuck at the tip top of a big tree and had to climb up to retrieve it, so we had a good show to watch!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My little gymnast

Today was our first class of gymnastics! I think it went pretty well and Beau actually had fun! He is in the same class as his cousin so he had a friend ;-) we will be working on staying on our mat when it's not our turn and listening to the teacher, but for our first class it went really well! We are signed up to go once a week for now, but we might bump it up to two days a week if really starts to like it.