Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Rockin out at the Zoo~

Sunday, us girls left Koklby at home, and we headed down to the Fort Worth Zoo. It is the oldest zoo in Texas! We had fun...until about 1pm when it got so hot and we were so tired, Brayden finally started his meltdown. Aside from that, we had a great time. Brayden loved the monkeys, "efelants", rhinos, and hippos. Enjoy the pictures below!!

Brayden and Nana

He didn't know what to think about this little guy...haha!
They love each other!

These guys could talk...."Hello"
Me and the little man

He was sleeping right next to the window like this...
Brayden didn't want to sit by him for anything...It was pretty creepy, he was sitting there looking through the window right at you.
Brayden informed us that the mondeys "had owies on their heineys" haha

Me and Ashley with the kiddos

~Dallas World Aquarium~

Saturday, we took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium in downtown Dallas. None of us had ever been here, and might I just say this place was awesome! It had so much more than just fish...birds, sharks, manatees, and sloths. Lots of walking, but you are indoors and it's got a tropical climate, very enjoyable!

This little guy flew down and landed right beside us on the rail, so we thought it'd be a good idea to take Brayden's picture with soon as Kolby leaned him down next to the bird, Brayden reached toward the bird and he immediately pecked him! Not bad, but it scared Brayden so bad...he doesn't look too nice to me anyways!

Sharks...OH NO!!!

Jelly fishes...Portuguese Man of War
Ashley and Brayden

The manatee came right up to the glass, very cool!
Yellow spotted sting ray
Giant Anaconda

Two of my favorite men!
Three-toed sloth
Toucan Sam!

Fun With the Kiddos!!!

Last weekend was an absolute blast! My mom and sister in law brought our neice and nephew up to visit us! We had a full weekend, Saturday we went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and Sunday us ladies went to the zoo and left Kolby home watching his! The aquarium was nice because it was indoors and actually felt like being in the rainforest! Highly recommend going if you get the chance, it was very cool! We scorched at the zoo, pushing the stroller around, but it was still fun to watch Brayden see all the animals. We voted Alexis the best camper, since she slept the entire time!!! Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Brayden helping Uncle Kolby make pork chops
Brayden had an absolute blast at the pool, he was fearless...

Pretty Girl
Us in the shark tunnel at the aquarium
Brayden with Uncle Kolby at the aquarium
Alexis...LOVE the bow!
Rockin' the mohawk!
This boy loves being outside...ALL the time!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Here is a sneak peek at our fun weekend! There is more to come! My beautiful niece and nephew!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to meet new friends!!!

Today was the Fort Worth Bulldog Meetup downtown near the Fort Worth Zoo. We've been going to this "play date" for the girls for about 2 years off and on now. Moe just loves going, this was IDK's first time to go and WOW she was absolutely crazy about it. She thought that everyone there was her new best friend! haha. She's such a riot to watch her try to play with all the other dogs and make them play with her. Due to the heat today, there was a smaller turn out than normal. But we faced the sun and went out anyway. Glad we did, it's been a while since we've taken the girls on a day out, and they deserved one! Can't wait til next month!!!

IDK playing with Bullet, she loved him, she wouldn't leave him alone

Moe getting some lovin'

And the tug of war begins...Moe was the winner!!!

IDK still bothering Bullet, she was worse than a bratty little sister
Cute posed photo of the bullies!