Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Injured Pup!

Yesterday was such a nice day...until It took a downward turn! The weather was really nice, so we decided to take Beau to go check out this place on the lake where I had been told we could feed the ducks. We had some lunch at this little burger joint on the lake and then fed our left over French fries to all the ducks. Ducks are so cute, sea gulls not so much, haha!

We went on and did our grocery shopping and came on home. We let the dogs out in the backyard to go potty and we were unloading the groceries from the truck. Beau had fallen asleep on the way home, so I was taking him upstairs to put him in bed. While I was upstairs, I heard the dogs barking and then it turned into what sounded like fighting, then into the hurt cry. I ran downstairs and hollered for Kolby, but he was not there. I opened the door to see IDK sitting there with her leg bent back behind her just dragging behind!! I just knew it was broken! By now, Kolby came from upstairs where he had been changing his clothes to help me carry her inside. She wasn't putting any weight on it and was just dragging it around behind her still. So we gave her a few minutes to see if she was just scared or something (wishful thinking, I guess) and then off I went to take her to the vet.

After about an hour, x-rays, and about $300, they couldn't find anything broken or displaced. So the best he could guess was she either pulled or strained something in her knee/hip. Sent her home on pain meds. She is so sad and pitiful :-( Today she is bearing some weight on her leg, so hopefully with time it will get better. Not my idea of a fun day at all!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perfect Sunday

Today such a fabulous day! We had a big jolt of motivation today for some reason, lol! We have had a long project list for a while now of things we wanted to get done around the house. And today we finally got a couple of them checked off! We got our laundry room and master bathroom closet cleaned out and organized! I wish I had taken before and after pics to show, it looks sooo good now. We got the house all cleaned up too! We are gonna try to attack some more little projects tomorrow.

We also had some awesome weather today! So we took advantage of it and went to the park and played a little basketball while Beau rode his little four-wheeler around the basketball court. Once I had gotten my but kicked in a couple games of HORSE, we took Beau over to the playground for a while to burn off some more energy. That boy is a climber!! He also loves to swing now!!

I've been working with Beau on animal sounds, and we still don't do any of them...but soon hopefully! He can point to your nose when you ask where it is, but won't point to his own, lol! He knows where his belly is, but only shows you when he wants to! He lives to chatter, but still only says mama and dada, no other for sure words yet. He is a very smart kiddo, so I know he will catch on and take off on it all.

Even though this pic doesn't apply to this post, it is just too cute not to post! This is Beau's new "cheese" face!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend in Concan

This past weekend we went to the Gilleland Christmas Gathering.  This year all of the family met up in Concan at Kolby's cousin's rental home.  We had about 40 people under one roof, so to say that it was craziness would be an understatement.  We had a blast, but it was constant baby chasing and full out exhaustion!  haha!  We had a nice drive down to Utopia, hung out with Nana for the afternoon, dropped of the poochies with Nana, and headed on over to Concan.  We were about a mile from the turnoff to the house when we had a blowout!!!  I'm so thankful for my manly man husband, he got the tire all changed and got us back on the road! 

We stopped through Utopia and spent the afternoon with Nana and Pop.  It was really warm, so we ran around nakey! lol

We also had a little mini Christmas with Kyle and his bunch
The home wasn't exactly baby proof, no cabinet locks, giant back porch over looking a pool, and lots of open doors to the outside world :-)!  Each family was in charge of a meal.  Ours was lunch on Saturday, and we prepared a spread of hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggie tray.  Yummy, and we got to take home the leftovers.  I also brought a batch of strawberry cake balls that were a major hit!  Gotta love some cake balls!

The time there was short, but fun.  The drive home was the complete opposite!!!  It seemed like it was sooo far home and our booties were dead!  Always good to be home though, right?!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012