Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our houseguest!

We are breeding Moe this week, to our friend's bulldog Elmer. He is brindle and white, so they should have a colorful array of babies , hopefully. Moe's mom was fawn and white and her dad was brindle and white; her siblings and her came out fawn and white and red and brindle. It should be fun to see what color babies we might end up with. Everyone pray that we have a good experience with this, please.

I've been doing my research and I feel good about the vet that we found to care for Moe throughout the pregnancy. We are taking her to Dr. Kirk Esmond at Josey Ranch Pet Hospital in Carrollton. So far, he and his staff have been very helpful and made us feel very comfortable.

With bulldogs it's quite an extensive process to impregnate the female and get the babies on the ground. Tomorrow we are doing our first round of Artificial Insemination (AI), then we will do another round on Wednesday. To have the puppies, Moe will have to have a C-section. This is very common with English Bulldogs, approximately 95% of all pregnancies are delivered via C-section, and the vet we are using is extremely experienced with animal reproduction and performing C-sections.

So, he is staying at our house for a few days so that we can take him to the vet to make some babies!!! We are so excited to try to have a baby Moe Moe! Won't they make pretty babies?!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kill the heat wave!!!

We've been so hot these last few days! I don't know how hot it has been for sure, but HOT!!! So, we've been spending a lot of time outside in the kiddie pool, and our newest play toy for the dogs, the sprinkler! Moe just tries to bite the water at the sprinkler head, IDK on the other hand goes all out! She really gets after the sprinkler and chases the stream of water like she's going to tear it to shreds! It's hilarious to watch the two of them play together!

Fun at the Ball field

Time for Friday night softball yet again!!! We won last night 28-9; they played the Latter-day's Saints team. Not much to report, just pictures!

Jake (our nieghbors little boy) giving Kolby some softball advice!
Parker, Jake, Lexi, Christian, Creed, and Jordan
Nothing better than a popsicle at the ballpark! IT WAS SO HOT!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two words -- FLOOR SEATS

Last night was amazing!!!!! Back in February/March sometime, I got us tickets to go see our favorite comedian Dane Cook at the American Airline Center in Dallas. We went two years ago, and we sat in the 300 sections...A.K.A. nosebleeds section. So, this year I scored us the most fabulous tickets that we've ever had to any event...EVER! I didn't know the tickets were going to be as good as they really were, but they were amazing!!! We were sitting right by the stage...Third row!

I had to work was the longest day ever, waiting to go home so we could head to Dallas. We had reservations to eat at the House of Blues with Chris and April our friends from down by Cleburne. They had tickets in the 300 section, but when we got there, they got upgraded to section 101, EXCITING!!!!!

Dane's whole comedy act was new, we hadn't ever heard any of it before which was great! His new act has been on Comedy Central, but we've been avoiding it so we didn't spoil our tickets. He had two guys open for him, who were his friends from his show Tourgasm. They were very entertaining as well. NOW FOR THE PHOTOS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~My 22nd B-Day~

Tonight was my birthday!!!!! YAY!!!! We had a busy day today so we are going to do dinner a movie tomorrow night to celebrate. However, after we got home from Kolby's class, Nick, Jenni, Laura, and Savannah came over with wine and a cake to suprise me!!! How exciting! Kolby had got them all the stuff to make me a cake with candles and everything! It was nice to be suprised like that!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hometown Weekend

This weekend I headed to Utopia for my much anticipated Fisher Family Reunion. Kolby couldn't join me because he had a class to attend this weekend. So, his mom came up to our house for the weekend to hang with him. They spent the weekend relaxing, catching the movie, The Hangover, and Saturday they went to a Ranger's game. You know Kolby, he didn't take a single picture, so sadly I have no pictures to post of the baseball game. So I pulled these lovely photos from the internet. YAY!

At the baseball game, the lights shut down for almost 2 hours in the 6th inning. So, due to that incident, Kolby got a pair of free tickets to the game at Ranger Field, same seats, right behind the first base dugout, so I'll be sure to have pictures from the next game!

I however had a lovely weekend of family fun awaiting me on the river in Utopia. Friday, after work at 5pm rush hour, my mom and I hit the road with the girls to south Texas. After getting in Ft. Worth traffic and almost being part of someone else's wreck in Austin traffic, and 7 hours later, we made it to Utopia at about midnight. Long drive...but well worth it. I love going home to Utopia!!! I had a fabulous time! I got to see all of my family, that I haven't seen in a long while. This was the 60th annual reunion of the Fisher family. We have been gathering at the O.A. Fisher Family campground for decades before I was born. It is also the location where I got married...just absolutley beautiful! We eat, have music jam sessions, play games, and have Sunday morning church and meal. Just a great time all around!

These are my co-captains on my 6 hour drive south. What a lively bunch!!! They slept the entire way!

Southbound 35

Fisher Family Campground