Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Month Old!!!!

I know everyone says it...but time is seriously flying! I can't believe that it has been a month since we were at the hospital to have Beau! But it has been a month, and I've just got to wrap my head around the fact that my little man is going to grow up on me. But I must say that I love watching him take everything in, and he's just learning sooo much!

We had our first well check visit with the pediatrician, and it went great. He said that Beau looks great and that we couldn't be doing a better job as new parents. He does have a little bit of cradle cap on his eyebrow area, and he has a slight umbilical cord hernia. Dr. said it is so small that he wouldn't worry about it at all, and that it should fix itself by the time he's 5 years old. Otherwise, Beau is perfect (but that's my description of him :-))

Here are the stats at 1 month old:
Weight: 9lb 14oz 50%
Length: 21 1/2 in 55%
Head Circumference: 15.8 in 90%

Waiting for the Dr.
Talkin to Mommy

Just too cute not to post!
Loving on my lion

Monday, December 27, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

~Merry Christmas from the Sumner Family~
Oh my little Santa Baby!

We had a very low key Christmas this year as Kolby had to work this whole week, and he worked on Christmas day too! I must say though that it was nice to not have to travel anywhere and pack bags and cart Beau around and take him out of his home environment. It was just perfect for Beau's first Christmas, just the three of us and the girlies! Since Kolby was working on Christmas day, Beau and I were just lazy around the house eagerly waiting for Daddy to come home so we could all exchange our gifts! I cooked a nice supper, turkey, corn casserole, and cheddar biscuits. It was so yummy!

Kolby and Beau got me a Flip Camcorder! I will be putting it to good use for sure, taking videos of Mr. Beau! and we already got it set up so that we can send videos to Kolby while he is at work! Beau and I got Kolby a celtic cross to add to his necklace. We waited in line at James Avery for over an hour for that cross, so we hope that he liked it! I also got Kolby the reciprocating saw that he said that he had been wanting. Gotta love those practical gifts! Beau got a book from Grumps that he recorded his voice onto of him reading the book. Grammy gave him a silver Baby's First Christmas ornament. Grandma and Grandpa Sumner gave him a cute little book with sound buttons and a coin set.

Overall such a great time as a little family! Kolby had to work the next day as well and so he was off to bed really early. Hope you all had a great Christmas as well!

Aren't I cute in my Christmas PJ's?!
With his stocking that Nana made him

Our best gift!

The girls were patiently waiting for Daddy to get home

Beau was a little less patient and more excited!

The Baby's First Christmas ornament from Grammy
Daddy didn't want me to put this bow on Beau's head...he said it made him look like a girl! LOL! I told him it wasn't a hair bow, it made him into the gift he really is!
(Judging from Beau's face, I think he sided with Daddy!)
Reading the book that Grumps gave him

Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 Weeks Old...Really, already?!

Well, little buddy, you are 3 weeks old! Time is flying needs to slow down! Beau has changed so much already! He's getting to be such a big boy! We are still loving our life with the little man, he just continues to make us laugh and love him that much more.

Kolby has gone back to work now, and my mom has gone home, so now it's just Beau and me at the house all day together. I love our days together! We have been out and about a little bit. We went up to my work this week to drop off some paperwork for insurance, and Beau got to meet all my work friends who have been waiting his arrival! So that was fun! Of course I forgot to get any pictures... We also went and got the rest of our Christmas shopping done! Woohoo! Beau is such a good traveller and he did so good at all of the stores too! I had to wait in line for over an hour at one store (crazy, I know!) and he was so good, he slept the entire time!

So lets see...a little bit about Mr. Beau and his habits as of now!
  • He eats about every 2-3 hours during the day, and has a dirty diaper after just about every feeding!

  • He sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night, his last feeding is sometime from 10-midnight, and then I let him sleep until he wakes himself, usually between 3-4am, we feed and do diaper change, then he sleeps until he wakes himelf in the morning, ususally 7-8am! Mommy sure doesn't complain about this schedule!

  • He is a great eater! He takes about 10-15 min on the first breast and then we do diaper change, come back and have the second breast for dessert, usually about another 10 min! LOL

  • Daddy can make him go to sleep better than anyone by laying him on his chest with him...(creating bad habits! haha)

  • Beau still sleeps alot during the day, we have been trying to do naps in the crib, sometimes it works well, other times, not so much.

  • He loves to make faces! We've caught a few of them on camera, but most he just makes for our viewing pleasure! We are always laughing at his super cute faces!

  • He is so good in the car! We haven't had a single melt down while travelling, most of the time he sleeps in his carseat!

rockin' my monkey beanie!

Hanging out with my mommy!
Snoozing in my bassinet
Spending time with Daddy, in the evenings I belong to him!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Picture Overload!!!

In no particular order...see what we have been up to! We are loving life with our little man, he keeps us plenty busy!

Thinking hard about something important

Me and my mom (Nana)

Loving on my baby!


Official Christmas picture!

"OOHHH, I'm getting what for Christmas?!?!"

Getting some good lovin' from Nana

Moe was watching over her brother

About to get some kisses from IDK...I'm not sure he was too sure about it!

This picture cracks us up! It looks like he is doing a little dancing!

Chilling with Daddy

Sleeping with sister
Total cuteness!
"I love my boppy!"

Our first roadtrip!

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, we headed out with Beau for our first road trip! We headed to Temple to Kolby's mom's house for Kolby's brother Keifer's graduation from Technical School. I was so nervous as this was our first outing where if things went awry we couldn't just go back to the house. And this would be Beau's first time not sleeping in his bassinet but in the pack 'n play.

Thankfully everything went pretty good and I'm not totally dreading doing it again. Friday night Beau had a little trouble getting adjusted to sleeping in the pack 'n play, he was up about every hour and wanted to be held. That made for a long night...but Saturday night went great! We put him down for good at about midnight, and then he woke at 4am and we fed and did diaper change, then he slept until about 7:30am. Can't beat that! Beau got to meet lots of family members, and get out and about in the real world!
Enjoy our pictures!

Officially on the road for our first road trip!
He slept the whole way there!
Getting some love from Aunt Pattie
Sleeping through the graduation ceremony like a good little boy!
Jewels with her daddy
The graduate giving the two thumbs up
Keifer with his parents
Beau with Grumps
While we were down there, we did Christmas with Penny, Kyle, Jackie, and Jewels
She was excited about her tea set!
Opening her giant piano!
Jewels was a little jealous of her mommy holding Beau
Hanging out with Uncle Keifer
We also did a trial run with Santa
(mommy was a rebel and snapped a picture with her own camera, which was a no no! Hence the off centered photo, I was trying to be sneaky!)
Beau getting some kisses from Jewels
Beau and Aunt Jackie
Daddy learning how to multitask!
Jewels thought she needed to try out Beau's carseat...I think it was a little small for her!