Monday, February 28, 2011

~3 Months Old~

Another month gone by! And Mr. Beau is doing a whole lot of growing! Our photoshoot this month was lots of fun too, as he was suh a wiggle worm, and he's not even really "on the move" yet, I can just imagine me trying to get him to sit still for pictures in a few months! Ha!

Height: 27in
Weight: 13lb 11.8oz
  • Wearing size 1 diapers, but probably about to go up to a size 2
  • The eyes are still baby blue! Still crossing our fingers that they stay that way!
  • He has started to lose his hair, especially in the front. But it's already starting to come back in, and it's coming back in way lighter!
  • Still a great eater! He eats about 4-5oz when we give him a bottle. He holds onto my thumb or my shirt while he eats.
  • Sleeping through the night!! We go to bed at about 10pm and sleep about 10 hrs (sometimes more) and our usual wake up time is between 8-8:30am!
  • He loves to sit in his highchair, he hasn't gotten mad yet!
  • Still doing his neck exercises, we have gotten great reports from the therapist, he has gotten to move to appointments once every other week!
  • He has really started showing an interest in his rattles and playmat toys! He is starting to kick and bat at the dangling objects, I don't know if it is on purpose yet or not though.
  • Laughs way more at Daddy than at Mommy
  • Still the best traveler! Pretty much the moment that we get in the car and get moving, he will be out instantly!
  • He has become so much more vocal, and we think we have gotten a laugh out of him!
Little turkey wouldn't put his hands down where I could get the 3 Month sticker!
There we go!

With Mr. Elephant
Lovin' on Mr. Elephant

We love our highchair!!!

This is another one of those posts where I go on and on about how my little man is growing up tooo fast!! But I won't subject yall to total torture, we all know that he is getting to be a big boy rather Mommy likes it or not! We had another first in our household, our first time in the highchair! Since we get to start rice cereal next month, I thought it would be a good idea to get the highchair out and go ahead and get Beau used to it, just in case he didn't like it! Well, that doesn't seem to be an issue...He loves it! It has become my new babysitter! He will sit in his highchair for as long as I need to get whatever I am doing done!! I just put him in it while I'm in the kitchen and he sits there just talking away and looking around. I think he likes the fact that the highchair puts him on a higher level and it gives him now stuff to look at.

"My first time in my highchair!!!"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our new favorite thing...

Our new favorite thing to do during tummy time, rather than tummy time is....
To lay down and fall asleep and suck our thumb!!! While I think it's the cutest thing ever, it kinda does away with the purpose of tummy time! LOL

Just Cuz!

Kolby's cousin, Jenna, and I have been good friends pretty much since the first time that we met back when Kolby and I were just dating. She was there the day that I met Kolby. I actually met her before I met Kolby, but I didn't know at that time that she would become such a dear friend! We were so excited to be pregnant at the same time, and her little girl is just 3 months older than Mr. Beau! We were lucky enough to be able to get together with her last week and get our babies together to play!!!

This is Jenna, me, and my cousin Lauren in April 2010. We were all pregnant at the same time! Jenna @ 20 weeks, me @ 7 weeks, and Lauren @ 17 weeks
(We are still trying to all get together again and recreate this picture with our babies!!!)

May 2010 (No belly comparison :( )

July 2010

July 2010

September 2010
(2 days before Jenna delivered Jalyn)

And now for the present day!!!

me and Jalyn
Jalyn and Beau
She was trying to hold his hand, but he wasn't too sure about it!!
My son was all about the funny faces this day! This was the best picture I could choose!

Mr. Beau fell asleep before we got his picture with Jenna, so this is the best we got!
We can't wait to get the babies together again and let them play!! We are soooo happy that Beau has a cousin so close in age, they will be so much fun when they get older!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Neck control

We have been improving our head control in leaps and bounds as of lately! I am one proud Mommy!!! Beau has been tolerating his tummy time so much better nowadays! It's nice too that it gives me some time to put him down and do other things while he plays on his tummy. Here is the picture proof that he is getting sooo strong!

And, in other BIG news, Beau rolled over for the first time!!! I had put him down on his tummy and propped him up on his elbows, and sure enough, he kicked over and rolled to his right side!!!! It was so cute! He just looked at me like "WHOA, what just happened?!" We are still trying to catch it on camera!

"Hello Mom!"

He has now discovered mirrors! He loves to look at himself in the bathroom mirror when we hold him up there. His little playmat has a mirror in the bottom of the baseball cap, and he loves to check himself out in it as well!
"Who's that pretty little boy?!"

Too many cute pics not to share!!!!

My men
My baby boy
We can hold on to our toys sometimes now!!
Boppy tummy time: "Hi Mom!!!"
Moe Moe is my best baby sitter!
Showing off his new hat and shoes!
This next sequence there were just too many cute faces to pick from!
Something was suprising!
Leaning in for kisses from Ms. IDK
My gorgeous boy!
All smiles!
Kickin' like a crazy man
Blowing bubbles