Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dog Days of Denton

We found this wonderful event called Dog Days of Denton in the newspaper. It ran this Friday and Saturday. It's a fun event that includes lots of dog booths, rescue groups, food for both dogs and people, and lots of contests. They have Mutt contests and breed specific contests. They have obedience and training demonstrations. We took the girls out there today, and they were one big hit. We always meet people are so excited to see English Bulldogs, especially two of them together. We saw every breed under the sun. There were quite a few welsch corgis that I saw. The girls tried to make friends with everyone they saw, they are always social butterflies!!! They had kiddie pools set up so the dogs could cool off, and our girls absolutely loved them. IDK decided she needed to lay down and take a break in the pool, then she became a big mud ball!! Dirty girl! We did meet another bulldog named Lou, he was red and white also, and he was about 10 months old. The girls were really interested in him, and they kinda scared him, poor little guy! We got IDK a new Texas Longhorn kerchief, and we got some all natural cheese treats for the girls to try out. It was so hot out, we didn't stay too long, the girls got pretty worn out pretty fast!!! But, they had a blast!!!!

Date Night = Cowboy Mouth Concert

Last night was our newly instituted Date Night!!! We decided to double date with Nick & Jenni, and go to downtown Dallas to the House of Blues to see the band Cowboy Mouth! Kolby and I had never been to the House of Blues, it was pretty cool!! It was crowded...standing room only! I am not very familiar with the music that Cowboy Mouth plays, I only know their hit song "Jenny Says", but Kolby is pretty familiar with them. I really liked the kind of music that they play, kinda rock like. We stood in the back for a while, then Jenny wanted to get closer, so we headed to the front! We stood in the pit to watch the majority of the concert! I wasn't able to get any good pictures of the band, but I put the ones I got (their all blurry). The boys crawled out of the place, while we ladies had to get us home!! Overall, the night was a big thumbs up!!! Can't wait to do it again!

Downtown Dallas with all the lights!

Going to Cowboy Mouth Concert

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SUNBURNED...but we had fun!!!!

We've never been too big on the Memorial Day celebrations, but this year, we changed our minds! Our friends Nick & Jenni have a cabin cruiser out on Lake Lewisville, so we decided to shell out the dough and rent a couple of jetskis and go join them. We had a fabulous time out on the lake, it's been forever since we havegotten to play at the lake. Everything was perfect...until we went to return the jetskis. The rental guy was trying to make us pay for damages that were on the jetskis that were already there when we rented them. It was ridiculous!!!! I fought him on it, and neither of us were going to budge. About an hour worth of arguing and $200 later, I said just forget it and get me out of here!!!!! Nothing like a bad experience to ruin such a great time!!!! But it didn't! We had an absolute blast! Thanks to Nick & Jenni for letting us crash their day at the lake!!! Check out how much fun we had!

Savannah, Jenni, and Me


Our lovely driver!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This weekend was also my cousin's wedding in Waco. I've known Alicia since we were little kids, our fondest memories are at the family reunion where we would play every summer. She had an absoluetly gorgeous ceremony and outdoor reception. My parent's came up with Ashley and Brayden to join the festivities! My friend Laura was looking for some fun this weekend, so she joined us for the road trip! We had to leave the girls at the hotel...they were not happy with us! Here are a few pictures from the great time in Waco!
Kolby doing his model pose

Me and my bestie

My nephew a.k.a. the coolest boy in the world!

Brayden with his Pop

Me and my man


Nana dodging the "Wildman"

My beautiful cousin Alicia

Such a gentleman....isn't he??

Headed home, we were all so tired