Thursday, February 28, 2013

Add more to the plate

So since I have posted in a while (AGAIN!!) I thought I would give a little update on life. Not too much has changed. Kolby's job still hasn't taken off, therefore we are still doing lots of waiting! Supposedly they are getting close, but we've heard that before!

We are still doing gymnastics and Beau is doing so good at it! I think he thoroughly enjoys going. He gave his teacher, mrs. Jackie, a hug the other day, melt me! It was so cute! He has been talking up a storm lately, and he speaks in sentences majority of the time. He loves to play chase and be tickled. Oh and his new thing is hiding and you trying to find him. Thankfully as of now we just do it at home, but I'm sure the day is coming that hides from me in a public place/store and I have a panic attack!!

As for me, I have made the jump! I got a part time job! I am working about 15hrs a week at a bakery as a baking assistant/cake decorator. Its just enough time away to get some adult interaction (and a little extra cash is always nice too) and fill my social needs. I am a very social person, and since I haven't found a new playgroup since we have moved, this allows me to get that fix :-). Its so much fun and I am just loving it. I work with a couple other girls my age, and so we've really hit it off and seem to get along really well. I have been there about a month and a half now and it's still pretty fun. We only do sweets, cupcakes, cake balls, and custom cakes. I am learning a lot of new tricks about decorating and can't wait to learn some more.

Here's some pictures from life here lately: