Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling Crafty

A few weeks ago, we spent the day with our cousins and part of our fun was some crafts!  We made some glitter starfish from paper plates.  I was amazed at how "into it" Beau was, he actually sat and finished the craft and followed directions.  He loved the glitter!  Here are the kiddos showing off their finished products :-)
Mommy also got some time to do some crafts of her own!  I was tired of my drab, plain stainless silver/glass canisters in my kitchen.  So for a couple of bucks at Hobby Lobby, I got some things to dress them up a little bit.  I wish I had taken a before/after pic, but I forgot to!  Just know they were plain silver before...and here is the after!  I spray painted them with hammered brown spray paint and added the drawer pull knobs to fancy them up a bit!  I love how they turned out!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Overwhelmed...but still kickin'

So per my usual, life gets the best of me and some things just get cut out! Blogging just happened to be one of those things.  Life has been busy and blogging got put on the back burner...or removed from the stove all together really.  I get so caught up in trying to document every little thing that we do and every picture I take on my blog that I start to get behind and then it just stresses me out.  I don't want to blog like that anymore.  It shouldn't be stressful! Blogging should be a therapy :-) So here's to my attempt at not getting stressed out and worried about missing putting up some event/photo.  I will docment when I can and do my best, that's all I can ask of myself! 

Let's see where life has been taking us since I last wrote...all the way back in April!  Geeze, that's so bad!  Kolby's last job strung him along from April-July and kept telling him that they would have more work, then they ended up laying all their workers off in July.  Kolby tried to find a job in DFW but we just couldn't find anything that was comparable and something that he wanted to do.  So, he found work elsewhere and we have now moved.  Kolby is still in the oilfield, back on the fracking side of things as a supervisor again.  It's a good move for us, but I'm so sad to leave all my friends up there.  It will all work out for the best though! :-)

I am still getting to stay home with Beau.  He is getting to the point of driving me nuts some days but most days it's nice.  I am enjoying the new parks in our neighborhood, and so is Beau.  We all got bikes and a little child seat for Beau, and he LOVES to go for rides on the bike.  He would ride all day if someone would take him. 

Speaking of the monster boy, what has been going on with him??  He is a running machine!  He got a trampoline and loves to jump!  He loves to "love" on the dogs, AKA deal them misery!  Thank goodness they are so patient with him.  When we moved, we were to the point of transitioning to a toddler bed.  About 3 weeks before we moved, he learned to crawl out of his crib, and those were a long few weeks and bedtime wasn't fun!  So we suffered through them, and when we got into the new house we made the switch cold turkey to the new toddler bed.  New house, new room, new bed!  And we redecorated Beau's room into a big boy room.  He now has a new and improved baseball room!  He has done quite well with his toddler bed, and most nights we have no trouble with bedtime.  He also has an official play room in the new house! Not that he likes to keep his toys in the playroom, haha.  His speech as really taken off too.  That Beau is a chatty-kathy most of the time.  He jabbers alot of nonsense, but we can understand alot of what he's saying too.  He can say some sentences too.  He knows pretty much all the animals and their sounds, all of the body parts, and all of his drinks (water, milk, etc).  He is very smart, most of the time too smart for his own good, and it gets him into trouble.  We are working on our ABCs and counting and he is doing pretty well with colors.  He is obsessed with Finding Nemo, we watch some part of it everyday!  He also likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and pretty much any movie with talking animals. And, as the pictures below show, no, we have not yet cut his hair.  He gets called a girl pretty much daily, but at least they say he's a pretty little girl :-)

I think that about catches us up, I will be getting back into this blogging thing without being my typical type A self and freaking out if I miss a post or picture.  Or at least I will be trying :-) Here are a couple of recent pictures...just because!

 Feeding the fish at Joe's Crab Shack
 Making short work of some banana pudding
Showing a rock he dug up at the compost exhibit at the local museum