Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A day at the park

We had such a great day at the park! We went to the first park to play at the playground while Daddy threw a couple of holes of disc golf. He ended up losing one of his discs in the creek and had to go in swimming for it. After a freezing dip in the creek he was able to find his plus another one that someone else had lost. SCORE!! Those things aren't cheap, they run about $15 a pop. So we had fun watching him freeze his booty off! Once we were all played out, we drove over to another park and fed the duckies :-) Beau loves the ducks! We usually feed them from the bridge while they are in the water below, but today they were in a different spot. So we fed them on the shore, and let's just say that they are super friendly ducks! The white one in my picture was all up close and trying to eat the bread right out of our hands! Beau thought it was absolutely hilarious!