Monday, January 25, 2010

Since I haven't had much to blog about lately, I found this fun little quiz that I thought I'd post up here! Enjoy!!!

A - Age: 22
B - Bed Size: King
C - Chore you hate: Let's see...I hate doing the dishes, even with a dish washer, oh, and vacuuming, I don't really hate to do it, I just never do it...
D - Dog's Name: Moe Moe and IDK
E - Essential start your day item: Nothing in particular, I'm really bad about my morning routine, it's never the same twice
F - Favorite Color: Yellow/Orange
G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Platinum
H - Height: 5'6"
I - Instruments you play: That would be a grand total of...None
J - Job Title: Accounts Receivable Clerk
K - Kid(s): Not yet, right now I just have my puppies!
L - Living Arrangements: 3/2/2 rental in the best neighborhood!
M - Mom's Name: Frances Annette
N - Nickname(s): hm...babe/baby, by my husband. My mom called me Sis growing up...well she still calls me that when I go home, and one my best friends from high school called me "bones" because I was/am so skinny. How sweet of her. :)
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Several. I spent the first 4 months of my life in the hospital (I'm a miracle baby!), and then once overnight in 1st grade cause I got sick, and then once when I was 18 for stomach ulcers and blood clots. Me and the medical profession are tight!
P - Pet Peeve: when people lean over the edge of anything holding their kid...I can't even handle leaning over the 2 story rail at the mall!!
Q - Quote from a movie: Oh there are so many to choose from..."You want me to give you something to take your mind off that pain???" Major Payne :)
R - Right or Left Handed: Right
S - Siblings: My older brother
T - Time you wake up: I've always been an early riser, not necessarily a "morning" person, but an early riser. For work I get up at 7AM, and even on weekends with no alarm I get up about that same time...could someone explain to my puppies that they need to hold "it" on the weekends so that I can stay in bed :)
U - Underwear: not too picky, no specific brand, as long as I've got some on :)
V - Vegetable you dislike: Let me just tell you the ones I like. Broccoli...and...a pickle?? I'm so not a vegetable person...does corn count as a vegetable, how bout a potatoe??
W - Ways you run late: Normally just by hitting my snooze button to many times. I'm bad about underestimating the amount of time it's going to take me to do something, and once I start I feel like I have to do it!
X - X-rays you've had: ALOT! More than I can count...
Y - Yummy food you make: I make a mad homeade Macaroni and Cheese (my mommy's recipe) and I've gotten pretty good at Brisket as of recently!
Z- Zoo favorite: I love the zoo, but I would have to say either the penguins or the hippos!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

~Avatar in 3D~

Last week we went to see Avatar in 3D!!! This was both Kolby and my's first movie that we had ever seen in 3D, and it was pretty cool! The movie storyline wasn't all that great I didn't think, lots of action, but it was pretty predictable I thought...We did a double date with my bestie Laura and her boyfriend Landon who was up from San Antonio to see her! We went out to eat and hang out at the Lone Star Oyster Bar after the movie, yummy!!!

Me and my bestie!!!!
Me and my man!!!
We know we're cool, rockin' the awesome glasses, we are thinking about wearing them everyday
He didn't get the message that we were making our super cool face...gosh!

NYE!!! and the Gilleland Reunion!

We spent New Year's Eve in Kyle with Kyle and his family, Penny, and Billie, Bill, Nick and the kids. We had a good time with everyone playing some Catch Phrase, that game always gets rowdy!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Kolby with our neice Jewels!!

Ringing in the New Year!!!!

Jacquelyn, Jewels, and Kyle

Pretty, happy little girl!

Grandma and the 5 sisters

Penny with her kiddos

Jewels with her cousin Kynslee

They had ice skating in the main square, this was the best photo I got of Kolby and I skating. We were awesome to say the least...haha

This next sequence of pictures is strictly for yall's veiwing pleasure!!! Kolby thought he was the master camera man cause he got it on film!

Fun shopping around Fredricksberg!!!

I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!

Better late than Never!!!

I know, I know...this is so late!!! But I just couldn't bring myself to skip it all together, so I'm only a month what, who cares?!?! Here we go...

We were able to wrangle a few days out of our work schedules to go to Utopia for 3 days. Definitely not a long enough visit, but we take what we can get!!! We had such a great time in Utopia, I always do! I really miss being close to home and I want to be able to drop in whenever we can, not have to plan time off just to go hopefully that will be doable in the near future! Enjoy the pictures from Christmas with my family!
We stole Alexis to use as our own!!!

Pretty girl!

We got Brayden a miniature drum set, at first he wasn't to sure about it, but after we showed him what to do, he was all over it!! His favorite was the cymbal!

Kolby with his mix and match beer samples

Kolby with our neice Alexis

Our girlies!

Playing on the stairs, we would go up and down, up and down, and repeat!

Me and the little girl, I don't know why she looks so scared...

there's a happy face!

After a full day of play and present opening, we all needed a nap!

We headed home on Christmas Eve because Kolby had to work that night. We made it to Temple with no problem to stop and have Christmas with Penny, and go to eat supper with her. I didn't get any pictures from this stop, dang it! From Temple on to Fort Worth was when the nightmare began!!! A normal trip from Temple to our house usually takes about 2.5 hours, well, this night, it took us about another 6 hours or so!!! There was so much snow and ice on the road, traffic was literally going less than 5 mph, there were cars all in the ditches! From Kolby's work to our house is a 20 mile stretch, and in those 20 miles, we saw 17 cars stuck in the bar ditch on the side of the road!!! It was crazy evening and an exhausting drive, which I made Kolby do, because I didn't trust myself to drive in those conditions. And might I say that he did AWESOME!!!!
Here is the sight that we had waiting for us at our house!!!!


We had Christmas morning at our house, just the 4 of us!

And of course, no post would be complete without subjecting yall to pictures of our cute girls!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 4: Traveling Home

Sunday, we had to head home, sadly! I could have stayed a few more days!!! But back to reality we had to go!
This was the only cab that we rode in, and it wasn't even a yellow cab, who goes to NY and doesn't ride in a yellow cab???
I think this was the bridge into Queens
Goodbye, New York City
I thought this was really cool, this was a terminal connection in the Chicago Airport!

Headed Home to the Lone Star State!

Day 3: Sight seeing and the Top of the Rock

To wrap up our last night in New York, we decided to go out to dinner, go look around some more and to finish it off we wanted to go to the Top of the Rock. We had a toss up between going to the observation deck on the Empire State Building which is 87 stories high, or we could go to the Top of the Rock, which is the observation deck on Rockefeller Center, which is 67 stories high. Due to price differences and recommendations, we chose to go to the Top of the Rock! Everything we had read said it had better views, and it was cheaper! Enjoy our last night in The Big Apple!!!

We got to go to Penn station on accident, we didn't know where we were, and we looked and saw the sign, so we got to mark another sight off our list!
For supper, Kolby was dying to go eat at an actual White Castle burger joint. So we looked it up and trecked all the way back to Times Square to eat at White Castle.
While we were out and about in the area, we did a bit more sight seeing!
And of course, we couldn't leave without seeing the original Macy's Department Store, there's 11 stories of Macy's here!

Their amazing window displays, this year they were depicting the Miracle on 34th Street

And now for my favorite part of our whole trip, and what ended up being Kolby's least favorite part!
I'm scared of elevators and of heights, so I was scared to death to go up there at first. But I wasn't going to let it stop me, I wanted to see the whole city! I knew Kolby didn't like heights, but he ended up hating it the whole time he was up there! I felt bad for him, but I took some great pictures so he could see without having to go to the edge!
Who could hate these views?! It was amazing!
With a clear sky, you can see up to 80 miles from the top!
Kolby, Grandma, Penny, and Keifer

Me and my man on top of the world!