Tuesday, April 30, 2013

29 months

Today my baby boy is 29 months old! How did that happen?! He has turned into such a beautiful, smart, ENERGETIC, loving, CRAZY little man! There are days that he gets me so frustrated, but then I remember he's only 2 and he really is still a baby.

He is so deep into the exploration phase of toddlerhood, and he asks so many questions on a daily basis :-). That's why he's so smart, he is always asking questions! His favorite question being "what ya doin' mommy??" About a million times a day! We are also knew deep in discipline issues...ugh! We are quickly learning about time outs and swats. His worst thing is messing with the dogs, he is just relentless with them, he will not leave them alone! We end up just having to put them up for their own sanity.

He is still loving gymnastics that we go to once a week. Next month he will have his end of year "mini Olympics" performance! He has gotten so good about going down into the gym by himself without mommy or daddy , and he just loves mrs. Jackie!

He's starting to tell us that some stuff is scary, such as lawn mowers/weed eaters, but he doesn't seem to bothered by it, as he just keeps right on playing in the yard when he hears them.

Really he is a pretty good boy, and we are really working on listening better to what mommy and daddy ask him to do/not do. We are looking forward to the warm weather and lots of fun outside activities now that he's a big boy!

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