Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh hello there...

Well, let's see where are we now??? Well that story would just be too long to write...I tell you what! Since I wrote last, Kolby has changed jobs...and you guessed it, we moved again!!  On Good Friday back in March, Kolby (along with every other guy at the company besides one!) was laid off.  We were given one day of notice, nice right?! Thankfully, Kolby was able to find another job right away.  He worked there for a few months before we were presented with the opportunity for him to interview with a larger more established company in South Texas that would be closer to our families. 

We went to the beach with some friends back in July, and we had such a blast!! Beau loved the beach and was absolutely fearless inthe pool. Looks like we need swim lessons in the near future!

My best packing helper!!! Notice his "help" in the background lol!!
My big boy eating out at Olive Garden to celebrate his great grandmas birthday. 
Our last day of fun with our cousins before the big move :-(
We went to visit daddy at the camp where he stays when he's working. They even have a little pond where we could go feed ducks!

Looking all grown up and handsome. Melt me!
Some of our new fun activities now that we live in the country are feeding cows and chickens and gathering the eggs. 

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