Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Toddler antics

As of late, my darling child has decided that he needs to try flexing his independent spirit. And it is driving this momma crazy! I want to say that the vast majority of the time he is a pretty good little boy. He listens and is polite with his please and thank you's, he gives hugs and kisses now more than he used to. But every now and again, he thinks all that good stuff is no fun. Truth be told, he's already too smart for his own good! ;-)

This morning we had a standoff at breakfast. I made some cream of wheat (which he has had several times before, and liked) and he refused to eat it telling me he didn't like it, while he also refused to even take a bite and give it a try. So needless to say, that turned into a tantrum. So his choice was cream of wheat or nothing...he chose nothing and went til lunch on half a piece of toast...no snacks, no trash food. Needless to say, by lunch he was starving and ate three big pieces of pizza. It's true what they say that they'll eat when they're hungry I guess.

This stubborn mama is not cut out for a stubborn toddler flexing his muscles! It drives me crazy! Lol! But I really think I'm just paying for my raising, I was and still am extremely stubborn and want to do things on my own and my own way :-)

Here he is NOT eating his cream of wheat this morning :-)

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