Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post dr appt celebration

We had Beau's 3 yr check up (only 2months late), and it was interesting, haha. He didn't want to go from the moment we told him about it. Even when we tried to tell him that there wasn't going to be anything that hurt him at all, just measuring and looking in his ears and mouth. He wasn't having it!! He fought to stand on the scale, I had to hold him and then weigh me by myself. He weighed in at 31lbs and 39 inches y'all. Healthy boy!! He did great on his eye exam and told the nurse every picture that she showed him. He wasn't into the dr at all, he refused to let her look in his mouth or ears! We had to fight with him to do anything for her. 

After his appointment we went on into San Antonio and took beau to a fun pizza place, kinda like mr. Gattis. He had so much fun! We got to watch Up! While we ate our lunch, and then we got to hit up the games. So much fun with just our little family!

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